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BRIEF HISTORY: The Delta Pilots Disability and Survivorship (D&S) Plan was established in 1972 as part of a transition from the existing pension plan to a new defined benefit pension plan based upon a percentage of final average earnings. The D&S Plan had three distinct features: (1) it provided for disability benefits that continued for as long as the pilot remained disabled, (2) it provided for a survivor's monthly income benefit that was separate from and in addition to any joint life and survivor's benefit that could be elected under the pension plan and (3) it included a variable feature on one-half of the benefit that could increase the future amount of the benefit.

The D&S Plan has been amended, revised and restated at intervals since its establishment, but typically the amendments have only changed benefits after the date of such amendment and have not changed benefits retrospectively.  Although the D&S Plan specifies that Delta reserves the right to amend the Plan, the Pilot Working Agreement specifies that ALPA must approve any amendments. 

A very detailed history of the D&S Plan can be viewed by clicking on the button labeled History of the D&S Plan 1972-2007. Reading the entire document is almost guaranteed to put you to sleep. However, the posting of this document was intended for usage as general reference material in the event that questions arise as to what happened at specific times during the history of the D&S Plan.  

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