FLIGHT PLAN FOR THE FINAL FLIGHT WEST: DDPSA has developed a document that can serve as the backbone of information that may be needed by your survivors or the executors of your estate.  The document originally was drafted as the SURVIVORS HELP LIST which was posted on DDPSA's previous website. The revised document, which can be viewed by clicking on the GREEN button above, is expanded to include information that is essential to accessing the Delta Net website, list on flights, etc.  

The FLIGHT PLAN FOR THE FINAL FLIGHT WEST is posted as an editable PDF file. You can download the document using Adobe software. The editable PDF format allows you to type in entries and print it out. Additionally if you have the proper software, you should be able to save the file to your computer. Your information will not be stored on the website.

Please be aware that some computers, software or browsers may not work satisfactorily with the document. In a test, Mozilla Firefox did not work as the browser, but Google Chrome or Internet Explorer worked well. DDPSA is not staffed to provide technical support. Please ask your friends, children or grandchildren for help in that regard.

A printed version of the FLIGHT PLAN FOR THE FINAL FLIGHT WEST was in the 2013 fall edition of the Delta Golden Wings magazine.

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