​​​INTRODUCTION: This website was created to provide a communication network among Delta Pilots Disability and Survivorship (D&S) Plan participants and beneficiaries including 

  • Long Term Disabled (LTD) pilots

  • Retired Delta pilots

  • Present and future eligible surviving spouses and children of Delta pilots 

 The website contains volumes of information about the D&S Plan. You can navigate to the various pages in the website by clicking on the colored buttons that typically are located near the top of each page. In some cases articles linked to the button will show up as a file on your screen that must be clicked upon in order to view the article.  The font sizes and spacing are intentionally enlarged to allow for easy reading.

ENTITY:  The Delta Disabled Pilots Association was founded in 2006 to protect the D&S Plan benefits of disabled pilots during the period of Delta’s bankruptcy. The organization subsequently was expanded to include survivors receiving benefits from the D&S Plan as well as retired pilots and their future survivors who may be eligible for benefits under the D&S Plan. Accordingly, the organization currently is doing business as the Delta Disabled Pilots and Survivors Association (DDPSA). The association has IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and does not have any paid employees.   

FOCUS:  DDPSA is the only organization that has primary focus on the

  •  D&S Plan

  •  D&S Trust

 Although the organization initially concentrated on protecting disability benefits, the focus of DDPSA has been shifting more towards survivors' benefits as the number of survivors receiving benefits under the D&S Plan continues to increase.  Additionally, DDPSA recognizes that as of June 30, 2019, there were 4,858 retired Delta pilots and survivors of deceased Delta pilots eligible for benefits under the D&S Plan. The DDPSA Board of Directors currently has two non-disabled members including a retired pilot and a survivor of a deceased Delta pilot. The Board recognizes that the best way to protect both survivors' and disability benefits under the D&S Plan is to ensure  financial integrity of the D&S Trust. 

ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  DDPSA has been involved in a number of D&S Plan issues and we believe that our activity has influenced favorable outcomes.

  • Delta bankruptcy proceedings were weathered without changes to the D&S Plan benefits of existing survivors, eligible survivors of pilots who retired before January 1, 2008 or disabled pilots who were removed from the Delta pilot seniority list on or before June 1, 2006. 

  • Our communications with ALPA resulted in elimination of a provision in the D&S Plan that restricted certain survivors from marrying if they wanted to continue receiving survivor benefits.

  • We expressed our concern about the $60 million annual expenditure from the D&S Trust to pay for pilot sick leave; subsequently, ALPA was successful in negotiating the end of that expenditure.

  • DDPSA won an appeal that requires the correction of an improper social security offset that was being applied to Long Term Disability benefits. To view a letter confirming the correction, click here.

  • DDPSA discovered that a variable increase was improperly being applied to the offset to LTD benefits when pilots elected a lump sum distribution from the retirement plan. Delta currently is correcting that error.


  • ​The latest financial statement (form 5500) for the period ending on June 30, 2020, indicates that the value of the assets of the D&S Trust have declined below $500 million.  The total benefit obligations of the D&S Plan are significantly greater than that amount.   


CORPORATE COUNSEL:  DDPSA’s corporate counsel is Teresa Renaker, a partner with the firm of Renaker Hasselman.


The information on this website has been compiled from a number of public and private sources. In some cases the information is based upon opinions of the authors. Although the information is believed to be accurate, no warranties on its accuracy are made or implied. Individuals reading this information should complete their own research to determine the accuracy of the information rather than relying solely on the information contained herein.

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