The Delta Pilots Disability and Survivorship (D&S) Plan provides:
  • Life insurance benefits for active and retired pilots
  • Monthly income survivor benefits for eligible survivors of pilots who retired or deceased before 2008
  • Disability benefits for disabled pilots
The amount of life insurance diminishes after the date of retirement to a level of $10,000 five years later. Monthly income survivor benefits generally are paid to eligible spouses for the spouse's lifetime. Disability benefits of pilots who were removed from the Delta seniority list on or before June 1, 2006, generally continue for life, but are reduced by the amount of Delta retirement benefits that are paid to or on the account of the pilot. Disability benefits of pilots who remained on the Delta seniority list after June 1, 2006, terminate at the FAA mandatory retirement age; however, such disabled pilots receive  annual contributions to their defined contribution retirement accounts until the date of retirement.  

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Documentation is available towards the bottom of this page that can be used for reference relating to benefits under the D&S Plan which generally are governed by the provisions of the Plan that were in effect as of the pilot's Event Date (the earlier of the date of disability, retirement or death). For example, if the pilot retired or became disabled on October 1, 2001, his benefits are governed by the provisions of the 1996 Revision and Restatement of the D&S Plan as amended by the 1st Amendment which became effective on September 1, 2001. Amendments that became effective after the Event Date generally are not applicable. 

There are some amendments that contain retrospective provisions. One such amendment is the 6th Amendment to the 1996 Restatement and Revision of the Plan which was drafted during the time frame of the Delta Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court subsequently stipulated that the provisions of the 6th Amendment were not enforceable on pilots who no longer were on the Delta pilot seniority list after
 June 1, 2006, and the 10th Amendment confirmed the bankruptcy court stipulation.  The bankruptcy court stipulation is included for reference below after the 6th Amendment.

If your Event Date is after January 1, 2011, the applicable document is the Revised and Restated D&S Plan effective on January 1, 2011. 
If your Event Date is between July 1, 1996 and January 1, 2011, you will need to research the 1996 version of the Plan plus the amendments that occurred prior to your Event Date.  Amendments #6, #7 and #10 may need to be reviewed in many cases where the Event Date occurred prior to the dates of those Amendments.

If your Event Date falls between July 1, 1986 and July 1, 1996, the applicable documentation is the Revised and Restated D&S Plan effective July 1, 1986 and amendment thereafter up until the date of your Event Date. If your Event Date is before July 1, 1986, the applicable documentation is the Original D&S Plan effective February 1, 1972 plus amendment thereafter up until the date of your Event Date.

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REVISED AND RESTATED D&S PLAN  effective January 1, 2011

1st Amendment signed December 21, 2013

2nd Amendment signed December 21, 2013


D&S Plan effective July 1, 1996 

1st Amendment effective on September 1, 2001 

2nd Amendment effective on January 1, 2002

3rd Amendment effective on May 1, 2000

4th Amendment effective on November 11, 2004

5th Amendment effective on December 31, 2004 

6th Amendment effective on June 1, 2006

7th Amendment effective on June 1, 2006

8th Amendment effective on September 18, 2007 and January 1, 2008

9th Amendment effective on August 11, 2008

10th Amendment effective on various dates with special reference to June 1, 2006.

If your event date (disability or retirement) preceded July 1, 1996, your benefits generally are governed by the 1986 or 1972 versions of the D&S Plan  listed below as amended up until your event date. 


D&S Plan Effective July 1, 1986

Amendment effective on October 1, 1987

Amendment various sections

Amendment various dates

Amendment effective on September 1, 1991

Amendment effective on June 1, 1992

Amendment effective on August 1, 1992

Amendment effective on August 1, 1994

Amendment effective on January 1, 1995

D&S PLAN 1972

D&S Plan established on February 1, 1972

Amendment effective on January 1, 1976

Amendment effective on July 1, 1976

Amendment effective on July 1, 1982

The 1972 Pilot Working Agreement between Delta and ALPA contained a Letter of Agreement which established the D&S Plan as well as the Delta Pilots Retirement Plan. That document is posted below for reference.

1972 Letter of Agreement

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