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MISSION: Our mission is to protect the interests of participants and beneficiaries of the Delta Disability and Survivorship (D&S) Plan through education, communication and other necessary means. Participants and beneficiaries of the D&S Plan include existing and potential future survivors of all retired Delta pilots as well as disabled pilots. Although the organization was originally founded as the Delta Disabled Pilots Association (DDPA), it currently is doing business as the Delta Disabled Pilots and Survivors Association (DDPSA). Essentially DDPA and DDPSA are considered to be one and the same organization.

In the aftermath of the Delta bankruptcy, it should be readily apparent that the Delta Pilots Disability and Survivorship (D&S) Trust is the ultimate source of security for the payment of D&S Plan monthly income benefits. Although the D&S Plan now designates Delta as an additional source of direct contributions to provide for the payment of benefits, the D&S Plan also specifies that Delta reserves the right to amend or discontinue the Plan. Delta has repeatedly stated its intentions to maintain the D&S Plan indefinitely, but it can be assumed that Delta had good intentions about maintaining the Delta Pilots Retirement Plans. As retired Delta pilots painfully recall, those plans were terminated during bankruptcy proceedings.

There is a level of protection against Delta's right to amend the D&S Plan because the Pilot Working Agreement between Delta and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) requires Delta to obtain ALPA’s approval before making amendments. As long as ALPA's resolve to protect retiree benefits remains steadfast, D&S Plan benefits should continue to be paid. However, as stated above, the ultimate source of security of D&S Plan benefits is the D&S Trust. Unfortunately, the bleeding of assets to pay for pilot sick leave in the years following Delta's bankruptcy has diminished the D&S Trust assets to the point that are inadequate to pay all of the Plan Benefit Obligations over the long term. Because assets of the D&S Trust were diverted to assist in the reorganization of Delta, it would seem reasonable for a reorganized and prosperous Delta to consider making significant contributions to bolster the level of assets in the Trust. Hopefully Delta will do so.

Many Delta disabled pilots, retired pilots, survivors and potential future survivors already have committed their support to DDPSA as a watchdog for their interests in the D&S Plan and Trust. This website provides a medium for all D&S Plan participants and beneficiaries to participate in a communication network dedicated to that purpose. Active Delta pilots who are concerned about D&S Plan benefits also are welcomed to join DDPSA.

OPEN ACCESS: Registration within this information network is a valuable means of bringing Delta disabled pilots, survivors and normally retired pilots with future survivors together into a cohesive special interest group. You are encouraged to register by going to the “Contact Us” tab and filling out the requested information. Hopefully you will consider joining our efforts by clicking on the JOIN US button and contributing to our organization.

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